Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Picture Overload!

I'm just going to ignore the fact that I haven't blogged since February and I'm embarrassed. I never wanted to get that behind on blogging, but it happened. :( This is what we have been up to. 

We got Finn back in March and we are in love with him. He is spoiled rotten! 

We had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago with him and he did awesome :)

We celebrated St. Patty's Day...

Mardi Gra...

My 25th Birthday...

And many weddings! We have a total of 8 weddings this year and we have gone to 3 of them! (:

 This past weekend we went to the winery with some of our awesome friends and celebrated our 1 year anniversary! (: It was so much fun and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

Our lives are not slowing down, they are speeding up, but we honestly wouldn't want it any other way!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our family is growing...

By growing i mean this (: 

We bought a Mini Australian Shepherd and we named him Finn! (: We don't get to pick him up until March 8th which seems so far away to me! 

With this crazy weather Stefan has been out plowing and salting all day and night and I am bored and lonely so I really wish we had him now! But at least this spring when Stef is working late I will have a buddy to keep me company! 

We get weekly pictures of him plus pictures of his liter on Facebook and we get really excited when we see them! It's really hard to pick him out of the liter right now, but we are hoping the more he grows the easier it will be to point him out, right now we aren't very good fur parents for not knowing which one he is! So here is your only warning, blog friends...there will be Finn pictures overload on the blog from here on out! (: 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


We had our first GNO of 2014 and it was so much fun! We have decided to try really hard to have one every other month and we are forcing our men to do the same! (: 

We all met at Alicia's for dinner and drinks then headed downtown for more drinks and lots of dancing! 

We started at Mulligan's for long islands...

Then we went Fat Jacks!

We ended our downtown adventure at Drifters! Tabitha and Laura went home but the rest of us slumbered at Alicia's! We had such a good time! We are still talking and laughing about it when it was last weekend! (: I can't wait for the next one!!